Our Approach

The only way to solve a problem is to understand it from every angle.
Luckily, we’ve got a proven process to quench our insatiable curiosity.

Secure System

Ensuring a secure IT infrastructure is one of the core requirements of any organization. We help organizations in identifying their vulnerabilities and help mitigate them with strategic changes,leading to increased security, lower downtimes and higher productivity.

Adopted by Internet Giants

With the proliferation of OpenSource into the IT landscape, more and more organizations are moving away from proprietary solutions. All the major internet giants have successfully adopted OpenSource technologies as these provide better security and scope for innovation. We strongly emphasize the use of OpenSource technologies to our clients. Our background in OpenSource and Linux has brought our clients new and innovative ways of getting the best out of their IT Infrastructure.

Affordable and Attractive ROI

Any IT problem can be solved with enough money being invested in the system. However, cost is always a consideration when it comes to viability of solutions. We emphasize on the RoI of our solution as much as the suitability for the requirement. Thus, we bring an alternative thought process, by suggesting alternate solutions to the standard, costly one. Our clients truly appreciate our ability to provide them with the alternatives to choose from and how we explain the pros and cons of each, so that they can make the right decision.

No Vendor Lock-In, No Cal

Proprietary solutions, even if they are cost effective upfront always come with higher costs down the line. This is because, once they are into the system, the client is totally dependent on them for everything. This is why we always emphasize on looking at the long term implications of an investment. We invest a lot of time and effort in bringing to the client solutions that would be flexible enough that the client would not be dependent on the Vendor (even if it is us). We also ensure that by adopting OpenSource technologies, there are no additional costs in terms of licenses - like CAL licenses. We encourage our clients to be compliant with respect to licensing, but never to get into licenses that can eat into their bottomline.