Our Framework

Our Core Values


Based on the universally acknowledged safest Operating System in the world - Linux. We propose and evangelize linux as the operating system for your entire server infrastructure.


Solutions that aim to provide the best service at affordable costs. Provide stable, industry standard alternatives to costly Proprietary solutions.


Our solutions are based on technology adopted by internet giants. Enterprise Grade technologies backed by in-house expertise to deploy and support these infrastructures.


No lock-in with any vendor as most of our solutions are based on OpenSource and are subscription based. We provide implementation and support to Enterprise Grade OpenSource solutions. Our solutions are subscription based and do not involve costly CALs.


Understanding the pain points and providing the right solution within a given environment requires in-depth knowledge of the technologies involved. The right software for the individual environment depends on a number of factors including the current infrastructure, the user behavior, the security requirements and the budget. Our expert consulting team, works out solutions based on the specific requirements of the client and not on the features of the software or hardware.

Build & Deploy

When the solution is ready, w work with the customer to deploy the solution and integrate it with the existing infrastructure. The deployment concentrates on minimal business disruption and maximum benefits post deployment. Our team of dedicated engineers are trained to deploy solutions with this aim.

Service & Support

Any new deployment would come with the requirement of constant support and upgradation, in order to ensure smooth functioning of the deployed infrastructure. We provide both on-site and off-site support with flexible SLA’s based on the customer requirement and budget. We provide both office hour support and 24 X 7 support.